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Philiber is the ready-to-eat division of Bernard & fils, a family-owned fine-dining catering business with an established reputation in Québec’s event and corporate industries.

For Philiber, that means the:

  • Same standards of excellence and quality
  • Same facilities
  • Same top-notch hygiene standards
  • Same advanced culinary equipment and cold-chain compliant refrigerated production area
  • Same environmental and social commitments
  • Same human values

Philiber’s Mission:

To deliver quick and convenient gourmet meal solutions so that you can enjoy high- end, healthy and balanced meals whenever and wherever you are.


In 2018, we collaborated with the architectural firm A+ to renovate and convert an abandoned building in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. This new building is now home to our kitchens, our delivery fleet and our administrative offices. This ultramodern space meets the highest health standards and embodies our commitment and belief in protecting the environment and the integrity of our products.

Social implication

We’re involved in social initiatives because we believe that one company can make positive and lasting changes in their community, we work with La Tablée des Chefs and other organizations whose mission is to feed people in need and improve our youth’s culinary education.

We take part in several local social reintegration and community assistance programs. We provide training opportunities at our facilities for culinary degrees.

Commitment to the environment

Reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible is one of our biggest priorities. If there’s a “greener” alternative—whether that’s in terms of packaging or water consumption—we’re all for it, no matter what the cost.

  • Designed our building according to LEED and HACCP (food safety) principles
  • Planted 253 shrubs and 9 trees around our property
  • Installed a rainwater retention basin
  • Created an urban agriculture space
  • Purchased a plug-in, solar-powered refrigerated truck (zero-emission transport refrigeration)
  • Created a refrigerated compost room (collected weekly)
  • Switched over to low-energy smart dry steam cooking appliances
  • Prioritized purchasing from local suppliers and shortening our distribution circuits whenever possible
  • Invested in 100% recyclable meal trays, water coolers and insulated transport boxes



For our employees, our suppliers, our customers, our community and the environment.


At all levels. We foster collaboration between our employees, our suppliers and our customers.


In our hand-picked ingredients, in our facilities that meet the highest industry standards and in our dedication to customer service.


As a family-run business, in our business choices, in our culinary creations and in our cutting-edge equipment that reflects our commitment to the environment.

Bernard Saurette Jr.

President of Bernard et fils Traiteur/
Philiber Food Solution
President's philosophy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved making people happy.

At 16 years old, I was well on my way to becoming a DJ. I would borrow my dad’s station wagon and go all over the place making people dance. In the wee hours of the morning, when people would thank me for a good night out as they made their way home smiling from ear to ear, I knew that I had brought them those moments of joy. That feeling was better than any paycheck.

Years later, when I started working as a butcher alongside my dad, I loved putting together centrepieces. When a customer would come back raving about how happy their family was with the piece that I prepared, it gave my job meaning.

It’s those small joys that made me realize that some of the best moments in life are almost always shared around a table eating good food.

I still love making people happy to this day. Whether that’s through Bernard et Fils or Philiber, I’m always looking to create genuine human connections by putting smiles on the faces of my colleagues, employees and business partners. But what brings me the most joy is hearing how much our customers love the meals that we pour our hearts and souls into.

I truly hope that you can experience that feeling too.